Tebow in Blue and Orange: So what if it’s a marketing strategy?

Tim Tebow. The dual threat quarterback from Florida. The Heisman winner. The 4th quarter extraordinaire. The baseball player?……Whether it was when he was leading an underdog Broncos team to the playoffs, or when he was toiling away on the Jets bench, no one could have predicted what professional sports team that Tim Tebow would be suiting up for today. On September 8th, 2016, it was announced that Tim Tebow had signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets after holding an open workout for 20 Major League teams on August 30th. The move came as a surprise to many after Mets general manager Sandy Alderson called a potential Tebow signing, “unlikely” in early August. Alderson’s comments were certainly valid, as Tebow, not having not played organized baseball since high school, seemed to be a longshot to crack a professional roster. Despite the Mets front office seemingly dismissing a potential Tebow signing earlier in the summer, they liked enough out of what they saw during his workout that they offered him a contract.

This move certainly turned many heads, from fans, players, and baseball writers alike. Individuals on Twitter were quick to label this move as simply a marketing ploy by the Mets organization. Tim Tebow carries with him a distinct celebrity status and will surely help sell merchandise, apparel, and Minor League tickets. The odds that Tebow contributes at the Major League level are extremely slim and Alderson and the rest of the front office knew that. But so what if the Mets made this move presumably from a financial standpoint. Major League Baseball is a business and if a potential transaction is analyzed and deemed profitable, why not make the move? And who knows… Yes it’s improbable that Tebow will ever even have a sniff of the big league level. But over the years, we have all seen the magic that he can bring and if anyone can work hard to overcome longshot odds, you know for certain that it’s Tim Tebow.


New York Mets Sign Tim Tebow to Minor-League Contract

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